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The GeneSight® Psychotropic test provides information on how your patient’s DNA may impact their outcomes with psychiatric medications.

The GeneSight Psychotropic Test Now Includes ADHD Medications

The GeneSight test has been updated to include stimulant and non-stimulant medications approved for the treatment of ADHD, plus 3 additional genes – ADRA2A, CES1A1, and COMT*.

It is common to see co-occurring psychiatric conditions in patients diagnosed with ADHD, and with this update, the report now provides an even more complete picture of your patient’s potential outcomes with medications used to treat multiple psychiatric conditions including depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

All Psychotropic orders will receive the updated report, and past reports can be upgraded at no cost to your patient; however, a new sample and patient consent form is required.

*COMT is provided for informational purposes.

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Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to the GeneSight test.

Our goal is to make the GeneSight test affordable and accessible to patients. Insurance can be complicated, and we want you to feel comfortable ordering the test for your patients.

That’s why we offer the GeneSight Promise: we promise that if your patient’s cost could be more than $330, we will call them before we process their test.

We also offer a payment plan and financial assistance program to help patients with their out-of-pocket costs.

If your patient is uninsured, please have them contact our Customer Service team to discuss financing options.

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Who Can Benefit from the GeneSight test?

Fewer than 50% of patients with depression respond to their first prescribed medication and with each failed medication trial, their treatment intolerance increases.1

Consider offering the GeneSight test to:

New patients with a previous medication failure
Patients who are experiencing lower than desired medication response
Patients who are currently experiencing unwanted side effects
Elderly patients and patients with liver damage

1 Rush AJ, et al. 2006 Am J Psychiatry

Ready to offer your patients the GeneSight Test?

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You or a member of your staff collect the patient’s DNA sample with a simple cheek swab OR your patient collects the sample at home using our patient collection kit

Your patient’s sample is sent to our lab for analysis. After the sample is received, result are typically available in about 2 days

Use the genetic insights from the GeneSight report to inform your treatment