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GeneSight® Psychotropic Report Details

What does the GeneSight Psychotropic report show?
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The report categorizes medications into three color-coded categories to assist in report interpretation and help inform medication selection and dosing.
Use As Directed
These medications are not associated with any known genetic issues that would be expected to change patient medication outcomes.
Moderate Gene-Drug Interaction
These medications may require dose adjustments in order to have the desired effect or they may be less likely to work.
Significant Gene-Drug Interaction
These medications are likely to require dose adjustments in order to have the desired effect, may be less likely to work, or may cause side effects.
Smoking is defined as the daily inhalation of burning plant materials (cigarettes, marijuana), and excludes vaping and e-cigarettes. This is used to determine medication results.
Clinical Considerations
These state rationale for a medication's classification and offer treatment adjustments if a clinician desires to use this medication.
Presence of CYP1A2 variant is not predicted to influence these medications.
Medications in this category do not have clinically proven genetic markers that allow them to be categorized. However, these medications may still be an effective choice based on other clinical factors.
Pharmacodynamic Genes
Pharmacodynamic genes provide information on how DNA may impact response to some medications.
Pharmacokinetic Genes
Pharmacokinetic genes provide information on the metabolism of medications.
The COMT genotype is provided for informational purposes.
Gene-drug interactions are reported for every medication and gene to provide important details to the clinician.
Combinatorial Approach
Our combinatorial pharmacogenomic algorithm measures multiple genomic variants for each individual and weighs them in combination to provide comprehensive information about how an individual's genetic variation may impact their outcomes with certain medications.
Gene-Drug Interaction Chart
This chart shows which PK pathways each drug uses and whether that pathway is compromised based on a person's genetic makeup.