For some patients suffering from depression, anxiety or other psychiatric conditions, it can be a struggle just to leave the house. For some providers, the percentage of patients they see in-office is dropping in favor of virtual visits. These variables have made it challenging to complete pharmacogenomic testing that was historically conducted entirely in an office setting.

We’re removing barriers like these with GeneSight at Home. With the same technology used for the in-office GeneSight test, we’ve created an easy-to-follow Patient Collection Kit that’s sent directly to your patients once you order the test. When your patient completes the test, they send it back to our lab, and we send the results to you. It’s that simple.

How It Works

Utilizing GeneSight at Home with your patients is straightforward and simple:

Step 1

Enter new order at
and select Yes to ship a kit to your patient.

Step 2

Clinician authorizes order.

Step 3

Patient collects and returns their samples.

Step 4

View your patient’s results at

Why GeneSight at Home

With GeneSight at Home, no in-person visit is needed for sample collection. Patients will be informed throughout the process via GeneSight at Home Patient Texting.

Ordering the test is simple, and results are available quickly.

The GeneSight test has been ordered by tens of thousands of clinicians for more than one million patients. With GeneSight at Home, nothing changes with how samples are processed, just how the samples are collected!

Exceptional Customer Service
We’re here to help with every step of this process. Please email us at or call us anytime at 866.757.9204.


Having a kit sent directly to a patient to self-administer the test works seamlessly. They are pleased and appreciative they don’t have to leave their homes to do it.

Caleb Whitenack, MD, Psychiatrist

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