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GeneSight® at Home for Patients

GeneSight® at Home:
Sample Collection Instructions

It can be difficult to get into a doctor’s office in today’s world. We started offering GeneSight® at Home so clinicians could have the GeneSight DNA sample collection packet shipped directly to their patients. Whether you’ve landed here because your clinician has already ordered the GeneSight test for you or you’re just interested in learning more about how your clinician can get GeneSight at Home, read on.

With GeneSight at Home, your clinician can have a DNA sample collection kit sent directly to you to complete the GeneSight test from the comfort and privacy of your own home.
The process is easy and painless:
1. Gather your information
2. Collect your DNA with two simple cheek swabs
3. Return your DNA samples

We then analyze your DNA samples, and send your results back to your doctor within just a few days.

To get results to your doctor quickly, please
return your DNA samples within 2 business days.

Why GeneSight?

  • Convenient
    GeneSight at Home is ordered by your doctor and delivered right to your home. No in-person doctor visit needed.
  • Efficient
    Taking the test is simple, and results are available quickly.
  • Private
    The results of your test are shared only with you and your healthcare provider. All samples are destroyed within 60 days.
  • Affordable
    Insurance can be complicated and we want you to feel comfortable knowing what you’ll owe. We promise if your cost could be more than $330, we’ll call you before we process the test. Financial assistance is also available.
  • Backed by Exceptional Customer Service and Support
    We’re here to help with every step of this process. Please email us at support@genesight.com or call us at 866.757.9204.

How It Works

The following items are included in the GeneSight Patient Collection Kit ordered by your doctor.

Included in the kit are the following:
• Cotton-Tipped Swabs (2)
• DNA Sample Envelope
• Patient Consent Form
• Medical Insurance Information Form
• Financial Information for the GeneSight Test
• Prepaid Return Envelope

DNA samples are required to complete your GeneSight test. Review the steps below for completing your test.


Patient Information

Read and Sign the Patient Consent Form
and place the completed form in the prepaid Return Envelope

Provide Medical Insurance Information
Two options are available

Email a photo of the front and back of your medical insurance card with the patient’s name and date of birth to support@genesight.com.
Complete the Medical Insurance Information form provided in this kit and place it inside the prepaid Return Envelope.

Fill out the DNA Sample Envelope
It’s important to know the date your DNA samples were collected. Be sure to complete all fields before collecting your DNA samples.

Collect Your Samples

IMPORTANT! Do not eat or drink 15 minutes prior to taking DNA samples.

Step 2-A
Remove a swab from the sterile packaging. Note: Do not touch the cotton swab tip. Hold swab by its plastic shaft.
Step 2-B
Carefully insert one swab into your mouth.
Step 2-C
Rub the swab firmly up and down against the sides of your right cheek for 10 strokes.
Step 2-D
Place the swab, cotton tip first, into the DNA Sample envelope.
Step 2-E
Repeat steps 1-4 with the second swab inside the left cheek.
Step 2-F
Seal the DNA Sample Envelope and place in the Return Envelope.

Return Your Samples

Place Your Items in the Prepaid Return Envelope

Make sure to include:
• Your Signed Patient Consent Form
• Your Medical Insurance Information (unless provided by email)
• Your DNA Sample Envelope (with both cheek swabs sealed inside)

Ship with FedEx Express (Choose the easiest option for you)

1. Drop your envelope in a FedEx Drop Box or at a FedEx staffed location. Search fedex.com/locate to find a location.
2. Schedule a pickup by calling 1.800.GoFedEx (1.800.463.3339). Be sure to mention you have a prepaid envelope.

Have Questions?

Contact our Customer Service Team:
They are available Monday-Friday, 8am – 8pm Eastern at
or by email at support@genesight.com