“We have the technology to personalize and get it right the first time.”

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My name is Dr. Harry Watters and I’m a board-certified physician. I’m the Medical Director of Today’s Women’s Health Specialists and Advance Men’s Performance Centers. And when I first started using GeneSight, of course, I did my research on what their studies showed and what some of the outside studies showed about their application and the product. My philosophy about practicing medicine was similar to what GeneSight’s was. I have a broad brush that takes everybody and uses the same drug for everybody when really we have the technology now to personalize that and do it right the first time.

GeneSight is a tool. It’s a tool that’s very easy to use that has no negative side effects. There’s no downside to using GeneSight testing. It’s really a straightforward explanation to the patient. The fact that it’s noninvasive, the fact that it takes less than a minute or two to perform the test always is very helpful and if they found out that their insurance covered it or that there was some form of an opportunity to get a rebate on the testing, they were absolutely in favor of it. And it’s certainly not a big investment in time to read the genetic report that GeneSight sends out because it’s very simple and easy to read as it doesn’t take a lot of time to interpret it. Any of our clinicians that are practicing out there today can really look at the GeneSight test with a great deal of confidence and say, “I understand what it’s telling me.” They don’t have to do a lot of the interpretation of that result. It’s pretty black and white when it comes to the reporting.

I had a patient that came in who was depressed for example. She came in and she had gone to several different physicians including a psychiatrist and psychologist and had been recommended numerous medications. Each one had a side effect to her, each one. As soon as I put the patient on a different medication that was appropriate for her based upon GeneSight testing, the side effects went away. I know what genetically that patient is going to metabolize the most appropriately. And if I can do that the first time why would I want to do anything else?

GeneSight eliminates excessive cost because we’re not going to put patients on the wrong medication and normally, we want to see a medication, for example, something like an antidepressant or an antipsychotic, normally we’ll say be on it for a month or six weeks before we see what the results are. And in the past when there was no GeneSight testing available it may have been six weeks of no good therapy. And now we have the ability to say we’re going to get good therapy in three weeks or a month.

Frankly, the way it was practiced before, it was a dartboard approach. Here’s a dartboard, here’s the disease, and we’re throwing darts at it to see if we can figure out where the bullseye is. And now the bullseye is GeneSight. The bullseye is where we have clinical and scientific proof that there’s the bullseye. And so we can stop throwing darts at the periphery and target in on the center of the target and get a bullseye when we use the right testing.