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I use the test result to explain why patients may not have responded

“I use the test result to explain why patients may not have responded.”

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I’m doctor Nelson Rodriguez and I’m a board-certified psychiatrist. I currently work at the Lindner Center of HOPE.

What I like is to be able to use the test result to explain why patients have not really responded or why patients probably have had side effects from their medication.

You not only get the results in terms of the pharmacokinetic part or the metabolism of medications, but also the pharmacodynamic. A little bit of an understanding about serotonergic receptors or transporters, we call it.

You can now use the result to guide your treatment and if you have that ability, why will you not take it?

This story is one clinician’s personal experience. Other experiences may vary.

As with all genetic tests, the GeneSight test results have limitations and do not constitute medical advice. The test results are designed to be just one part of a larger, complete patient assessment, which would include proper diagnosis and consideration of medical history, other medications being taken, family history, and other factors.

If you are a healthcare provider and interested in learning more about the GeneSight test, please contact us at 855.891.9415. If you are a patient, please talk with your doctor to see if the GeneSight test may be helpful.