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The GeneSight process was incredibly simple


“The GeneSight process was incredibly simple.”

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So when I first started my journey with anxiety and my mental health, I was a young woman, and I was trying to excel in my career.

I was trying to start a family, and get married, and that anxiety, and my mental health, was really hindering those things for me. It was crippling my ability to excel in life.

The journey to find a provider in medication was very rocky. So what I did was I went to see a primary care physician, and she started me on two medications. And those medications, I had awful side effects though. I had the suicidal thoughts. I couldn’t get outta bed.

I had to have my mom come over and help take care of my daughter, because my brain just was not functioning correctly. It was exhausting going through trial and error for medication after medication that was not working properly for me.

So when I was going through my process of trying to find the right medication, after I had the negative reaction to the first medications, my sister explained to me about GeneSight. And I asked my primary care physician to administer a GeneSight test for me.

So the GeneSight process was incredibly simple. I went to my primary care physician where they swabbed both cheeks, sent it to the lab, and I received it within a couple weeks. My test results, where I took those to my psychiatrist where we had an individualized plan for my medication.

Since starting my new medications, my anxiety has been much more manageable with a lot less side effects.

I took the GeneSight test and my life has improved drastically. I feel so much happier.

I have such a more positive outlook on life. I feel like I can literally do anything. I can go back to school. I can be a mom. I can do great at my job.

And I have all these opportunities out there for me now in taking the GeneSight test and knowing that I can manage my mental health with my provider.

This story is one patient’s personal experience. Other patients may not have the same experience or outcome. Do not make any changes to your current medications or dosing without consulting your healthcare provider.

The GeneSight test must be ordered by and used only in consultation with a healthcare provider who can prescribe medications. As with all genetic tests, the GeneSight test results have limitations and do not constitute medical advice. The test results are designed to be just one part of a larger, complete patient assessment, which would include proper diagnosis and consideration of your medical history, other medications you may be taking, your family history, and other factors.

If you are a healthcare provider and interested in learning more about the GeneSight test, please contact us at 855.891.9415. If you are a patient, please talk with your doctor to see if the GeneSight test may be helpful.