North Carolina

“After finding the medication my body responds to best, over the last year I’ve seen more stability and not as many side effects.”

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My name is Justin Boseck. I’m a clinical neuropsychologist. I see mostly children and I do a lot of diagnostic assessments and testing.

I do have a history of struggling with mental health issues. I think it’s quite common in a much more commonplace than a lot of people would even imagine. So I wanted to make sure that the medications that I was taking or would potentially take are the most appropriate for my body and mind.

When we reviewed the results, it was very enlightening. We decided to change the medication that I was taking and use medication that was more in the green zone that my body would metabolize better and be more efficient.

You know, there is data to show that GeneSight would be beneficial and shows that there are certain DNA characteristics of how we metabolize this medication. I guess after finding the medication that my body responds to best, you know, over the last year, I’ve just seen more stability. You know, not as many side effects, natural things like eating, appetite, sleep have all been much more well-regulated and it’s been a very positive experience.

Professionally, I also believe that I’ve been a much better provider for the patients that I see just because I’m able to better focus and see the things that I need to see in them, patterns that I see in them. I have recommended the GeneSight test to the patients and families, especially working with children and working with their parents and caregivers and providers.

It’s relieving for them to know that there is science out there that can help guide the decision to potentially have their children take medication.