Medication side effects increased my depression

New York

“Multiple medications and side effects like weight gain can make you even more depressed.”

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Genetic Testing Helped Me Find More Effective Medication

Angelina: My name’s Angelina. I’ve been a patient of Catherine’s now for a little over a year. I came to Catherine originally for depression, anxiety. I had been seeing a regular GP who was prescribing me all kinds of medication. I was on about three or four different medications, which were causing me to gain weight and be, actually, more depressed. And Catherine took the gene test with me, and took the time with me to help figure out what it was that I really needed, and got me on the right path.

Catherine: One of my best success stories with using genetic testing is a patient that I have. Her name is Angelina. She came to me suffering from depression and anxiety, and had multiple stressors in her life. What I opted to do is use genetic testing, GeneSight, and found out that she was an ultra-rapid metabolizer of certain pathways, which means that she doesn’t really absorb the medication as well as maybe somebody else does. Using genetic testing allowed me to put her on the right medication at the right dosage, and today, she’s doing wonderfully.

Angelina: When we did the testing, we realized that they were all the wrong medications for me. By starting the new medication and cutting down all the medications, I was taking so many, changed everything for me. I tell everyone about the gene testing. No one really knows about it, which I think is a shame, because if you can know what your body needs to make your life better, why wouldn’t you do it?

This story is one patient’s personal experience. Other patients may not have the same experience or outcome. Do not make any changes to your current medications or dosing without consulting your healthcare provider.

The GeneSight test must be ordered by and used only in consultation with a healthcare provider who can prescribe medications. As with all genetic tests, the GeneSight test results have limitations and do not constitute medical advice. The test results are designed to be just one part of a larger, complete patient assessment, which would include proper diagnosis and consideration of your medical history, other medications you may be taking, your family history, and other factors.

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