“I’m using scientific data to make decisions rather than just trial and error.”

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I’m Carlo Bayrakdarian. I’m a geriatric psychiatrist. I’m in private practice. I don’t call it a practice; I call it a way of life. This is my way of life. I enjoy it so much.

Each and every patient I look at them every day and I say this could be my grandmother, this could be my grandfather so I can associate myself with them. And that’s how I come up with decisions actually, by me saying if this was my grandma, what I would do, so the decisions come very easily for me.

I’m using scientific data to make decisions rather than just trial and error. The percentage of recovery in my patients are higher and I can see the results and it’s a satisfaction to see high rate of improvement in my patient population.

And I always make the analogy of cell phones. Either you stick with your flip phone and go ahead with life or you experiment with smart phones and move with you know the new technology in medicine. Especially in psychiatry, we don’t have tests. Everything is clinical. Everything is empirical. Now we have tests that we can sort of rely and use scientifically, and that’s great.

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