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Brighter Days 2023 Survey

Brighter Days 2023 Survey

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Day 1
Start a new journal, write your name in it and today’s date, along with the reason you chose to accept this challenge.

Day 2
Take yourself outside for a fifteen minute walk and notice how you feel. If you’d like, when you return, capture your observations in your journal.

Day 3
Find something that makes you laugh (Funny videos, a hilarious friend, your dog, or this YouTube GeneSight reel). Laugh as often and as hard as possible.

Day 4
Make a Joy List! Start by opening your journal and writing down at least five things that truly bring you joy. Got more to add? Continue for as long as you’d like.

Day 5
Get your hands dirty! Spend fifteen minutes planting something new or tending to a plant at home or in your neighborhood.

Day 6
Take 15 minutes to do a nice, thorough full body stretch.

Day 7
Make a playlist of music that soothes your soul.

Day 8
Write down a few words of encouragement that you’d normally say to a friend. Then stick these words somewhere you’ll see them multiple times a day.

Day 9
Take yourself out for a Wonder Wander! Choose something you’re wondering about, or even a problem you want to solve, and go outside to wander and work it out. As you walk, try to connect what you’re wondering about with what you’re seeing.

Day 10
Get a good night’s sleep. Spend fifteen minutes before bedtime doing what you can to ensure that this happens.

Day 11
Find an opportunity to help someone today without expecting anything in return.

Day 12
Make yourself a nourishing and delicious meal. When it’s time to sit down and feast, enjoy your creation slowly and intentionally.

Day 13
Print this page, or download one from Coloring Pages then take your time coloring it in using any pens, crayons or markers you’d like.

Day 14
Revisit your Joy List and add any new joyful activities that come to mind. Then choose one activity and do it today.

Day 15
Breathe in the good. Mindful breathing is a simple practice that can really help when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Download your practice here.

Day 16
Set a 15 minute timer and finally get that annoying thing you’ve been avoiding off your to-do list!

Day 17
Create an Uplift Kit. This is a medium sized box or container filled with tangible items that make you happy.

Day 18
Do something you loved to do when you were a little kid. Take notes in your journal and reflect about your discovery.

Day 19
Reach out to an old friend– someone with whom you’ve shared history– and have your favorite kind of conversation, whatever that is.

Day 20
Try something new! Trying new things gives us a hit of dopamine and makes us feel rewarded.

Day 21
Get grounded in your body with the help of this YouTube video from Declutter the Mind

Day 22
Perform a Secret act of Kindness. Pay attention to how this feels different than when you get acknowledged for giving.

Day 23
Get a hug, and give one too.

Day 24
Play a (non-video) game–something that has nothing to do with work or productivity– just for the fun of it.

Day 25
Take a dance break! Grab 3-5 of your favorite tunes and play them in a row as you move your body to the beat, however you’d like.

Day 26
Design a self-care ritual using a simple, five step approach.

Day 27
Try Call and Response journaling and give different parts of yourself the chance to say what they need to say.

Day 28
Practice gratitude. Simply slow down enough to notice good things in your environment, and appreciate them. Note your appreciation in your journal, or express it out loud, or both.

Day 29
Set a micro goal. Take one of your bigger goals and break it down into the tiniest of pieces– so small that you are virtually guaranteed to succeed.

Day 30
Grab something delicious and fun from your Joy List and spend at least 15 minutes today immersed in your happy place. You’ve earned it!

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