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I’ve been through so much now I have hope

It all started when I was kidnapped in India.

While working there, I began to date a colleague. After a while, he took me over to meet his family. I had my laptop and passport along with me in my bag.

As soon as I walked in the house, he grabbed my bag from me and said: “now, you are mine.” He and his family held me captive for two years. They starved me, locked me in a dark room, degraded me, and treated me inhumanely.

One day, I knew couldn’t take the abuse for one more day. I begged to God to end it all. The very next day, they forgot to lock the door to the room that I was being held in.

I fled the house and called my parents, who alerted the authorities and the consulate. I was finally freed after two years of starvation, abuse and captivity.

Patient Story: photo of Cheryl

Coming Home and Working to Get Healthy
I came home to the U.S. six years ago. My new focus is on getting healthy and recovering from my ordeal.

It’s been a long road and such a roller coaster since I got home. I’ve been hospitalized so many times. I have met with psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists.

And one of the worst things I’ve had to endure in this process was trying to find a medicine that helped me and didn’t cause awful side effects. I’ve been through numerous medications, dosage adjustments and medication combinations.

Some of the medications caused me to feel like a zombie – just sleepwalking through life. Others made me feel foggy headed, like I wasn’t thinking clearly.

Every time a doctor would change medicine, I would think: “Here we go again. I’ll have to taper on and taper off this medication. I’ll have side effects – I’ll feel nauseous, and then tired, and then…who knows.”

It was extremely frustrating.

APRN Introduces the GeneSight Test
In November 2018, my primary care provider – an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) – suggested that I might benefit from taking the GeneSight test.

My immediate reaction was: “Let’s do it. Let’s get this all figured out.”

I did a simple cheek swab and a week later I met with him to review the results. I was surprised to learn that more than half of the medications I tried over the past five years were all in the red category (which indicates a significant gene-drug interaction).

It was such a relief to know this information. It proved to me that I wasn’t just “being picky.” Or that my mind wasn’t playing games. It showed that my body couldn’t tolerate the medications I was being prescribed.

I Feel Hope
Ever since I took the GeneSight test, I now feel hopeful. I feel a difference. Other people have said they see a difference.

I can feel feelings. I felt like a lot of the medicines were masking symptoms, emotions and feelings. Being numb is not good and so being able “feel” feelings is a wonderful thing.

My hope is that anyone who needs it can get the GeneSight test done. I’ve been through so much and now I have hope.

This story is one patient’s personal experience. Other patients may not have the same experience or outcome. Do not make any changes to your current medications or dosing without consulting your healthcare provider.

The GeneSight test must be ordered by and used only in consultation with a healthcare provider who can prescribe medications. As with all genetic tests, the GeneSight test results have limitations and do not constitute medical advice. The test results are designed to be just one part of a larger, complete patient assessment, which would include proper diagnosis and consideration of your medical history, other medications you may be taking, your family history, and other factors.

If you are a healthcare provider and interested in learning more about the GeneSight test, please contact us at 855.891.9415. If you are a patient, please talk with your doctor to see if the GeneSight test may be helpful.