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AssureRx Health Launches New Technology Platform to Enhance GeneSightRx and Fast-Track New Products

AssureRx Health Launches New Technology Platform to Enhance GeneSightRx and Fast-Track New Products

 GeneSightRx 1.8 Features New Psychotropic Medications

CINCINNATI, Jan. 17, 2012 – AssureRx Health, Inc., today announced the release of GeneSightRx 1.8, a pharmacogenomic testing program helping behavioral health clinicians select medications for their patients using genetic information, peer-reviewed research and approved drug labeling. The enhancements include the addition of six new psychotropic medications to the current panel of 26 medications, expanded support for mobile devices, and new capabilities to fast-track research discoveries into clinical practice. Clinicians increasingly use GeneSightRx to better understand how their patients metabolize and respond to medications used to treat a variety of psychiatric disorders. The new enhancements broaden the panel of drugs used to treat psychiatric disorders, simplify test ordering, and increase convenience with tablet and hand-held devices. The underlying next generation technology platform allows AssureRx Health to rapidly translate research-driven discoveries into pharmacogenomic tests for behavioral health clinicians.

The updated GINA and HIPAA-compliant physician portal, www.myassurerx.com, provides an easy interface to order tests, view patient reports, and order sample collection supplies. Website users now have full access to GeneSightRx from an iPad or a similar tablet device, and a report-viewing version of the website accessible from most smart phones.

“Our goal is to routinely enhance the content and ease-of-use features in our products. GeneSightRx 1.8 incorporates our next-generation software platform, which will allow us to bring new pharmacogenomic advances to clinical practice more quickly,” said Donald R. Wright, executive vice president and COO of AssureRx Health. “With our next-generation platform now available commercially, we remain on track to introduce multiple new pharmacogenomic treatment support programs this year.”

Six additional medications have been added to the GeneSightRx psychotropic panel, and the drug interaction table has been updated to provide more actionable insight into how patients metabolize common psychotropic medications. The new medications include both atypical and typical antipsychotics, as well as tricyclic antidepressants. The table is concise, color-coded and includes simple graphics that allow for quick and easy reference.

About GeneSight

GeneSight is a laboratory developed pharmacogenomic test that uses cutting edge technology to measure and analyze clinically important genomic variants in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. The results of the GeneSight report can help a clinician understand the way a patient’s unique genomic makeup may affect certain psychiatric drugs. The analysis is based on pharmacogenomics, the study of genomic factors that influence an individual’s response to drug treatments, FDA approved manufacturer’s drug labels, peer-reviewed scientific and clinical publications, and proven drug pharmacology. Quick turnaround time, combined with a customized report of the patient’s genomic makeup, clinical experience and other factors can help a physician make personalized drug treatment choices for each patient.

About AssureRx Health, Inc.

AssureRx Health, Inc. is a personalized medicine company that specializes in pharmacogenomics dedicated to helping physicians determine the right drug for individual patients suffering from neuropsychiatric and other disorders. The company was founded to commercialize industry-leading personalized medicine technology for neuropsychiatric disorders. Mayo Clinic and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center are equity holders and technology collaborators.