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AssureRx Adds VP of Operations and Technology

AssureRx Adds VP of Operations and Technology

AssureRx announces that Don Wright has joined the company as Vice President of Operations and Technology

CINCINNATI, July 15, 2008 – Don Wright has joined the Company as Vice President of Operations and Technology. He will be responsible for bringing the AssureRx products to market by managing the development of the web-based software applications, overseeing the company’s molecular genetics lab operations, as well as building the client services and quality assurance organizations.

Wright brings over 20 years of product development and operations expertise gained with companies such as Attachmate, Spotlight Solutions, ProfitLogic and Domin-8 Enterprise Solutions. In his many roles with those companies he participated in over 25 successful product launches and played key leadership roles in planning and building the companies from early stage to market leading, international organizations. Most recently Wright helped to found and served as CTO of SaaS Capital, a finance company specializing in the SaaS software industry. Prior to SaaS Capital, he served as the CIO and vice president of products for Domin-8 Enterprise Solutions. In addition to his other responsibilities, Don oversaw the design and development of the company’s web based product offerings. During this time the company grew from less than fifty thousand units under management to well over six million. Before Domin-8, Wright was the CTO and vice president of products for Spotlight Solutions, a leading provider of retail pricing and revenue optimization software. After successfully managing the redesign of the Spotlight product suite he assisted in the company’s merger with ProfitLogic; the combined company was eventually sold to Oracle Corporation. Prior to this, Wright was vice president of product development at Attachmate, where he led the creation and support of a $450 million product line. He has also served at the AT&T Corporation as a systems designer, and at Lehr Precision as a software engineer.

About GeneSight

GeneSight is a laboratory developed pharmacogenomic test that uses cutting edge technology to measure and analyze clinically important genomic variants in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. The results of the GeneSight report can help a clinician understand the way a patient’s unique genomic makeup may affect certain psychiatric drugs. The analysis is based on pharmacogenomics, the study of genomic factors that influence an individual’s response to drug treatments, FDA approved manufacturer’s drug labels, peer-reviewed scientific and clinical publications, and proven drug pharmacology. Quick turnaround time, combined with a customized report of the patient’s genomic makeup, clinical experience and other factors can help a physician make personalized drug treatment choices for each patient.

About AssureRx Health, Inc.

AssureRx Health, Inc. is a personalized medicine company that specializes in pharmacogenomics dedicated to helping physicians determine the right drug for individual patients suffering from neuropsychiatric and other disorders. The company was founded to commercialize industry-leading personalized medicine technology for neuropsychiatric disorders. Mayo Clinic and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center are equity holders and technology collaborators.