Nearly Half of Americans Say They’ve Lost Time in Their Lives Due to Poor Mental Health, According to the GeneSight Mental Health Monitor

80% of people diagnosed with anxiety, depression report losing years or decades of time

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The GeneSight Mental Health Monitor is a nationwide survey conducted online by ACUPOLL Precision Research, Inc. between February 16-21, 2024 among a representative sample (n=1000) of U.S. adults age 18+. The margin of error in survey results for the total base population at a 95% confidence interval is +/- 3%. A nationally representative sample of adults aged 18 years or older was recruited and balanced to match U.S. Census quotas across five primary metrics (i.e., age, gender, income, region, ethnicity).

In addition to the nationally representative sample, a statistically reliable sample was desired of respondents who were self-reported as being diagnosed by a medical professional with depression or anxiety. The study also used mental health screening instruments, the Patient Health Questionnaire-2 (PHQ-2) for depression, and the General Anxiety Disorder (GAD-2) for anxiety, to better understand this population.

ACUPOLL has more than 30 years of experience conducting statistically valid research through careful recruiting and quality control measures.