93% of Adults who Identify as LGBTQ+ Have Used Coping Mechanisms or Addictive Behaviors to Manage their Mental Health, according to Myriad Genetics Nationwide Survey

Nearly twice as many LGBTQ+ respondents say they are currently diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety than the general population

LGBTQ+ Coping Mechanisms

The GeneSight Mental Health Monitor is a nationwide survey conducted online by ACUPOLL Precision Research, Inc. in February 2023 among a statistically representative sample (n=1000) of U.S. adults age 18+. The survey included a representative sample of adults diagnosed with depression and anxiety, as well as LGBTQ+ adults. The margin of error in survey results for the total base population at a 95% confidence interval is +/- 3%. The margin of error for the LGBTQ+ population (n=404) at a 95% confidence interval is +/-5%.