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How to Find a GeneSight Provider

How to Find a GeneSight Provider

Did you know…

Any healthcare provider who can write prescriptions can order the GeneSight test?

These can include primary care doctors, nurse practitioners and/or psychiatrists.

Do you have a healthcare provider?



Have you talked with your clinician about the GeneSight test?

If your doctor was interested in offering the GeneSight test, provide your doctor’s information by filling out a form and we can start the registration process.

If your doctor was not interested, get tips on how to talk to your clinician about the benefits of the GeneSight test.

We can contact your doctor for you. Simply, fill out a form with your doctor’s information and we’ll talk to them about offering the GeneSight test.

Or, prepare to talk with your healthcare provider by completing and sharing our discussion guide.

Don’t Have a Clinician?
Use Our Find a Provider Tool

Our Find a Provider tool includes clinicians who are registered to offer the GeneSight test and have indicated they are now accepting new patients. Simply fill out a form to gain access to the Find a Provider tool and it will search for clinicians near you. If you have questions about this tool, contact our Customer Support team by phone (866.757.9204) or email (support@genesight.com).

If you prefer to have us talk to your doctor about the GeneSight® Psychotropic Test, please share your clinician’s information below:

Take the Next Step - PD

If you do not have a clinician, we have a directory of healthcare providers who are registered to order the GeneSight test. When you complete this form, we will link you to this directory, so you will have the option to view registered GeneSight providers in your area.

By submitting your information in this form, you agree that your personal information may be stored and processed in any country where we have facilities or service providers, and by using our “Take the Next Step” page you agree to the possible transfer of information to countries outside of your country of residence, including to the United States, which may provide for different data protection rules than in your country. The information you submit will be utilized for the sole purpose it was submitted for and governed by our Privacy Notice.

Consider sharing this info with your doctor to help convey the reasons to order the GeneSight test:

GeneSight Psychotropic is the only psychiatric pharmacogenomic test backed by extensive research; in fact, we have seven clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals.

There are tens of thousands of clinicians using the GeneSight test.

If your doctor is practicing telehealth, they can now order the test to be shipped directly to you.

We work with your doctor on cost and insurance. We offer you the GeneSight Promise: if your test will cost more than $330, we will call you before the test is processed.

Find a Provider

Looking for a doctor, nurse practitioner or psychiatrist who offers the GeneSight® test? Here you’ll find a directory of healthcare providers who order the GeneSight test and have indicated they are accepting new patients. 

If you experience any issues or have questions, please email support@genesight.com or call our Customer Service team at 866.757.9204.

If you experience any issues or have questions,
please email info@genesight.com
call our Customer Service team at
and our welcoming team is ready to help.

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