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The Educational Videos provide information and education about the GeneSight® test, genetics, and pharmacogenomic testing.

GeneSight 101

Understanding the Green/Yellow/Red Medication Categories

Understanding the Clinical Considerations


Healthcare providers share their thoughts on the GUIDED (Genomics Used to Improve Depression Decisions) Clinical Study.

Dr. Genovese: GeneSight is incredibly beneficial for difficult to treat patients

Dr. Greer: GUIDED Gives More Credibility and Scientific Weight

Dr. Anderson: Improvements in remission, response, and symptom improvement with GeneSight

Dr. Genovese: The GUIDED Study is Really Important to Patients

Dr. Peters: My goal for my patients is to treat to remission

These stories are each clinician’s personal experience. Other experiences may vary. As with all genetic tests, the GeneSight test results have limitations and do not constitute medical advice. The test results are designed to be just one part of a larger, complete patient assessment, which would include proper diagnosis and consideration of medical history, other medications being taken, family history, and other factors. If you are a healthcare provider and interested in learning more about the GeneSight test, please contact us at 855.891.9415. If you are a patient, please talk with your doctor to see if the GeneSight test may be helpful. Not all patients who receive the GeneSight Psychotropic test will see improvements in symptoms, achieve response or achieve remission.