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Brighter Days



Small daily actions to boost your well-being

Ready to be uplifted, mind, body, and spirit? You’ve come to the right place. Making small, consistent strides toward your goals, like taking great care of yourself mentally and physically, can help you develop healthy habits that amplify your joy and enhance your life. Participating in the Brighter Days Challenge is a fantastic first step!

What is the Brighter Days Challenge?

In a nutshell: 30 days of brief, uplifting daily challenges that set the tone for having a brighter day.

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to 30 days of inspiring activities that take under 15 minutes to complete.

Do the challenge for yourself, or alongside someone who may need and appreciate the support. Or both.

Do it, and share what you’re experiencing with your friends and family — it may inspire them to boost their well-being too.

How do I get started?

Once you sign up*, you’ll receive a new challenge in your inbox every day for 30 days.

Tight on time or motivation? You’ll have 90 days to complete all the challenges (from May 1st through July 31st 2023)
See a sample challenge

Receive a Brighter Days Ahead Completion Certificate when you’ve finished all the challenges!

* If you sign up anytime before May 1st, your first challenge will be emailed to you on May 1st.

We know you care about mental health as much as we do. Show your support by joining us May 1st through July 31st.

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If you’re doing this challenge in support of someone else, we also invite you to check out How Depression Feels and experience some of the challenges people with depression commonly face.

The State of Mental Health



of adults are experiencing a mental illness.
Equivalent to over 50 million Americans.


of youth report suffering from at least one major depressive episode in the past year.
More than 27 million youths are experiencing severe major depression.


of adults had a substance use disorder in the past year.
93% did not receive treatment.


of adults reported serious thoughts of suicide.
Over 12.1 million adults.


of adults identified with two or more races reported serious thoughts of suicide.

Ready for Brighter Days?