“What a difference GeneSight made in my ability to understand why patients had not gotten better.”

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I’m Dr. Jim Greer. I’m a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist. I practice in Rhode Island. I work in a community mental health center where I’ve been for 33 years.

I love seeing people get better and feel like I had something to do with that. I find my work genuinely stimulating and exciting. It’s different every day.

And I learned about GeneSight through a presentation at our agency and was fascinated by the idea. And once it became available to my patients because of their insurance, I ran two or three panels and was almost immediately dumbstruck by what a difference it made in terms of my being able to understand why patients had not gotten better, understand why patients may have experienced unpleasant side effects, and also understand what sorts of choices might make the most sense for them.

It allows me to a much better chance to get it right the first time and that saves people an awful lot of suffering. I came to realize that I’m too busy not to do it because in fact, it saves me time, it allows me to be more effective in helping my patients, they don’t need to come in as often and then I can see other folks who are in need.

So I find that in fact being busy is a good reason to do so because you’re actually going to get information, which is going to make it easier for you to treat your patient.

This story is one clinician’s personal experience. Other experiences may vary.

As with all genetic tests, the GeneSight test results have limitations and do not constitute medical advice. The test results are designed to be just one part of a larger, complete patient assessment, which would include proper diagnosis and consideration of medical history, other medications being taken, family history, and other factors.

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