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When All Medications are in the “Use as Directed” Column

When All Medications are in the “Use as Directed” Column

The GeneSight Psychotropic Test and “Use as Directed” Results

Sometimes, a GeneSight® Psychotropic test report will show all medications in the “Use as Directed” column. This occurs in approximately 0.7% of all GeneSight Psychotropic tests.

This type of result shows there is no variation found in the patient’s genes that would be expected to impact their outcomes with those medications. In other words, the patient’s phenotype is “normal” for all genes that are known to interact with a particular medication.

However, even though the category is titled “Use as Directed,” a patient may not always respond to medication listed in this category. In addition to the genes included on the GeneSight test, there are many things that can influence how your body responds to certain medications. These include drug-drug interactions, food-drug interactions, environmental factors such as lifestyle, etc.

How an all “Use as Directed” Result Can be Useful

A report that contains all medications in the “Use as Directed” column provides important clinical information for a doctor.

First, it can help “rule out” a genetic problem as the reason a patient may be failing to respond or is experiencing adverse effects to certain medications. As a result, their healthcare provider may research other reasons a medication isn’t having its desired effect (like a drug-food interaction, drug-drug interactions, other diseases the patient may have, or something else).

For some patients, this can lead to alternate approaches to treatment, such as psychotherapy or others.

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